Benefits of a Doula

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Benefits of a Labor Doula

Studies have shown that a Doula at your birth can result in:

  1. Less inductions or augmentations.

  2. Shorter labors and hospital stays.

  3. Reduced need for pain medication.

  4. Partners participation with confidence.

  5. High rate or vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

  6. Women supported by a Doula have been shown to  have a 50% decrease in Cesarean sections, a 25% decrease in length of labor, 30% decrease in use of forceps, 40% decrease in use of oxytocin, 60% decrease in use of epidurals, 30% decrease in use of pain medications.

  7. Some long term benefits include: better maternal-infant bonding, improved initiation of lactation, lower incidence of postpartum depression, and overall greater maternal satisfaction.  

Benefits of Postpartum Doula Care

  1. Increased maternal satisfaction with birth experience.

  2. Increases parents confidence in their parenting skills.

  3. Encourages appropriate well-baby and mother-care.

  4. Increases success of breastfeeding.

  5. Decreased incidence of Postpartum Mood Disorders or Postpartum Depression.

  6. Facilitates parent-infant bonding.

Some women are able to come home from the hospital into the arms of a supportive mother or friend.

For others, a professional postpartum doula is a good alternative.

A postpartum doula is a woman trained to give in-home care to mothers with newborn babies.

Helping families create happy memories one birth at a time

When we ponder the nature of being human as spirit embodied in matter

When we honor the strength & knowing of every birthing woman & baby

And when we protect their tenderness & vulnerability

Then we help birth a better future and a happier, healthier, more peaceful world"

-Suzanne Arms